Elevate your puppy’s playtime with our comprehensive 6 Pack Puppy Toys set, a perfect blend of entertainment and developmental tools designed for small dogs. This thoughtfully curated collection features an exciting assortment of squeaky and interactive teething toys that cater to your puppy’s playful and chewing needs. Each pack includes a variety of plush, soft chew toys in charming fruit, vegetable, and animal shapes, meticulously crafted to captivate your dog’s curiosity and encourage interactive play.

These toys are specifically designed to address the teething phase of your puppy’s growth, offering a gentle yet effective solution to soothe their gums and promote healthy chewing habits. The squeaky elements within the toys add an extra layer of excitement, making playtime more engaging and stimulating for your pup. The interactive nature of these toys helps in developing your puppy’s cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities, ensuring they are mentally stimulated while having fun.

Constructed from high-quality, durable, and soft materials, these plush toys are built to withstand the energetic play of small dogs, ensuring they remain intact and safe for extended use. The variety in shapes and textures provides a diverse sensory experience for your puppy, keeping them entertained and preventing boredom. Each toy is designed with your pet’s safety in mind, using non-toxic materials that are gentle on your puppy’s teeth and gums.

Perfect for small dogs, our 6 Pack Puppy Toys set is an excellent addition to your pet’s collection, offering a range of fun and stimulating options to enjoy. Whether your pup loves to chew, squeak, or cuddle, this versatile set ensures they have the perfect toy for every mood and activity. Treat your furry friend to this delightful assortment and watch them thrive with endless hours of play and engagement.

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Weight 0.095 kg
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 6 cm
Is Smart Device


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Squeak Toys




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